Trucking Risk Advisory – September

Driver Safety Tips for Fall

Fall is fast approaching, and it’s one of the busiest seasons for truck drivers. During this time, stores are stocking up on goods for the winter and upcoming holidays. Complicating matters, fall is also characterized by decreased daylight hours, increased wildlife on the road and other driving challenges. To ensure drivers stay safe during this busy and potentially dangerous season, it’s crucial for organizations to encourage the following driving behaviors:

  • Watch out for wildlife—Animals like deer, elk and moose are increasingly active in fall. If drivers don’t remain attentive, particularly at dusk and dawn, these animals can cause serious or even fatal accidents. To stay safe on the road, drivers should watch for animal crossing signs and drive slowly in areas where deer, elk, moose and other wildlife may be active. If an animal darts in front of their vehicle, drivers should hit the brakes only if they can maintain control of the vehicle and avoid swerving, as this can lead to more severe accidents.
  • Beware of leaves on the road—Wet leaves can create slippery roads, increasing the odds of an accident. These leaves can also conceal potential hazards, like potholes and frost. Drivers should drive slow when leaves are on the road and avoid driving through patches of them whenever possible.
  • Plan for shorter days—In fall, the days are shorter and the nights are longer. This can lead to decreased visibility and potential accident risks. To remain safe on the road, drivers should increase their following distance and pass others slowly. They should also ensure their headlights are working before each trip.
  • Be wary of harvest equipment—Fall is synonymous with the harvest season. As such, truck drivers will have to share the road with heavy equipment like tractors, combines and trailers. To decrease the risk of accidents, drivers should give agricultural equipment ample space on the road. Even though this equipment often runs slowly, it’s important for drivers to be patient when passing these vehicles to avoid head-on collisions with other vehicles.

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