Tips to Secure Your Equipment

June 29, 2020

Contractor Safety

Companies large or small face equipment security issues every day. Unfortunately, your tools are easy to steal and re-sell on the black market compared to other goods. Fortunately, there are strategies to deter crimes such as theft or vandalism on your jobsite.  These strategies can be grouped into 3 main categories:  management practices, jobsite control, and equipment control.

Management Practices                                                        

Be in the habit of controlling the jobsite when it comes to employees and visitors; you need to log and manage who had access to your equipment.  Now, we all know dishonest employees may let out knowledge or grant access to carry out criminal acts for an “inside job” that is why it is important to enforce a zero tolerance for losses from the start and have proper hiring practices in place . A good way to ensure the importance of this matter is to include training in new employee orientations and an annual refresher would help to remind current employees.

Don’t forget! Every equipment or machinery has a serial number. If management does not have this set up already create a database of all equipment and machinery to have an accurate record. It is also a good idea to have your equipment serial numbers registered with the National Equipment Register in the case of a loss your claim will go smoother than usual.

Security Measures

Simple acts like fencing in your jobsite, putting up some “No Trespassing” signs, keeping the jobsite properly lit up at night and using high security locks can deter criminal activities. If you seem to have unwanted visitors that roam your jobsite at night you can request the local police to patrol additionally. Doesn’t hurt to ask! Taking the time to make your jobsite less of a target will prevent loss and vandalism.

Your equipment is your equipment so make it known! All tools should to be engraved, tagged or painted a bright color. This makes them easier to recognize and harder for thieves to sell them on the black market.


These tips will not guarantee you loss-free but it does make it harder to be a target. Simply having management make these commitments will lead to achieving a loss-free business.