How to Prevent Driving Distractions

June 29, 2020


The number one reason for collisions is distracted driving. With all the new technology it is hard to stay off the phone. Most new cars have screens where you can see a text or call come in which makes it harder to resist. Here are a few tips to help avoid distractions:


Most drivers enjoy listening to the radio or music when on the road. As it turns out music can be a distraction just as much as holding a conversation with a passenger. When your favorite song comes on you may not have your full attention on the road and listening to fast paced music may lead to you speeding. You are at a higher risk of an accident when you are speeding do to the fact that it is harder to stop when needed. It is a good idea to set up your music before you start driving. This way you can focus on getting to your destination instead of adjusting controls or connecting to your Bluetooth.


Calling, texting, or switching a song on your phone can be dangerous. Nowadays, you see electronic billboards on the side of the highways say “Stay Alive, Don’t Text.” It has become too common that drivers do not take the time to pull over to answer a call or text. If it is necessary to make a call be sure to use the hands-free option on your vehicle if this is not an option then take the time to pull over and make the call.

Other Distractions

    • Eating or drinking – finish eating before you take off
    • Having animals in the vehicle – do not allow them in the front seat
    • Using your GPS – have a co-pilot if possible direct you verbally
    • Smoking – wait till you have made it to your destination then take a smoke break


Being distracted can lead to dangerous and even fatal events. When behind the wheel be responsible by giving your undivided attention to the road. Make sure your keeping your eyes on the road, not taking your hands off the wheel and keeping your mind on track when operating a motor vehicle. Take the next step and encourage others to do the same. Drive safe!